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NeoSEALER EZFlo is THE FIRST premixed bioactive sealer designed for clinicians who practice a minimally invasive endodontic (MIE) approach or use a smaller diameter dispensing tip (29 ga NaviTip™). NeoSEALER EZFlo provides higher cement content and versatility with consistent flow through a 29 ga tip.

Features and benefits:

  NeoSEALER EZFlo is versatile, making it the ideal choice for warm obturation and cold lateral techniques (See difference for yourself)

  Using NaviTip allows for precise application and minimize extrusion past the apex

   Dimensionally stable with lower solubility compared to other premixed sealers

  Formulated with MORE bioactive cement content than competitors for improved setting and lower solubility

NeoSEALER EZFlo Kit Size

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