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NeoPUTTY™ is a bioactive bioceramic premixed root and pulp treatment with superior handling properties, promoting hydroxyapatite formation to trigger the healing process. With the highest radiopacity in its class, clinicians can depend on NeoPUTTY to deliver a consistent unit dose putty with no dry out between uses. Its firm, non-tacky consistency, wash-out resistance and bioactivity make it the premier putty for 12 of your most important procedures.
NeoMTA 2®
Everything you love about NeoMTA, but better! That's the driving principle behind NeoMTA 2. NeoMTA 2 was developed with clinicians in mind to be easier to mix, whiter, higher radiopacity, and as always a cost-effective, multi-purpose root and pulp treatment material for every procedure.

NeoMTA Plus®

Replaced with NeoMTA 2!
NeoMTA Plus received a 91% clinical rating (4.5 out of 5) from Dental Advisor; 76% of evaluators said that the product is better than what they are currently using, 81% said that they would switch, and 81% said that they will recommend to colleagues. NeoMTA Plus is indicated for both vital pulp therapy and endodontic procedures.