Placeholder Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland interviews Avalon Biomed

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland interviews Avalon Biomed

Avalon Biomed is coming to your TV on Sunday, September 4 on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland! Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland The interview will be aired on the Fox Business Network at 5:30 pm EST and at 3:00 pm HKT on Bloomberg International. The one-on-one interview with our founder and President, Carolyn Primus, covers why our MTA Plus® products, NeoMTA Plus® and Grey MTA Plus® are beneficial to have in your practice and gives insight on who we are as a company. The interview features the reviews of MTA Plus®by users of our products such as Dr. Karl Woodmansey from Saint Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education, Dr. Franklin Tay from the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University, and Dr. Ryan Walsh of Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry. Worldwide Business with Kathy IrelandWorldwide Business with Kathy Ireland A link for the interview will be available on our website, if you are unable to view it on Sunday, September 4. A channel finder is available for Fox Business Network at and for Bloomberg International at Contact us at or at 941-896-9950 with any questions regarding the interview or MTA Plus®.