Placeholder All MTA-Type Products are Bioactive Bioceramics

All MTA-Type Products are Bioactive Bioceramics

Avalon Biomed Inc. has a mission to save teeth with MTA-type products. Uniquely qualified, our management team has 19 years experience inventing and manufacturing MTA, including three patents for MTA. Understanding the chemistry, products and clinicians’ needs, we developed premium MTA-type products with affordable pricing, to ensure the product’s use. A note about Bioceramics from company president, Carolyn Primus, PhD, Materials Scientist: MTA PlusRoot & Pulp Treatment Materials (NeoMTA Plus and Grey MTA Plus) from Avalon Biomed are bioactive bioceramics, as are all MTA-type products (mineral trioxide aggregate). By definition, a bioceramic is any ceramic used in vivo. Bioceramics are inert, but bioactive bioceramics induce the precipitation of hydroxyapatite in synthetic body fluids or in vivo.

MTA Chemical Composition

All MTA-type products are formulated with tri/dicalcium silicate and blended with various radiopaque powders. (Table 1). Products in the marketplace vary in their amounts of radiopaque powder, particle size distributions, and minor phases. It is these variations in composition that affect properties such as setting time and handling characteristics.

Table 1. Major phases, determined by x-ray diffraction

MTA Phases x-ray Diffraction

*Bismuth oxide, barium zirconate, zirconia, and/or tantalite

All MTA-type products are hydrophilic. They require water for setting and calcium hydroxide is a reaction product, embedded in the cement matrix, as shown in equation 1.

2Ca3SiO5 + 7H2O → 3CaO 2SiO24H2O + 3 Ca(OH)2 (1)

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