Placeholder The Shocking Prevalence of Early Childhood Cavities

The Shocking Prevalence of Early Childhood Cavities

What Kind of Threat are Early Childhood Cavities (ECC) Imposing on our Children?

At Avalon Biomed, our mission is greater than selling MTA-based products; we want to help you improve oral health worldwide. In support of our mission, we are sharing an article written by Daniel Taylor in the Philadelphia Inquirer (June 17, 2016), that reminds us 42 % of children ages 2 to 11 are suffering from early childhood cavities (ECC). According to Taylor, “The condition is 5 times more common [than] asthma and 7 times more common [than] allergies.” ECC is the most frequent chronical medical condition for children to develop. The primary reason for this painful infection is poverty, and almost 50 percent of children in the United States live in or near poverty. Common reasons children develop cavities are: a mother with current cavities, persistent snacking and sippy bottle use with drinks other than water, and drinking water with little to no fluoride. According to Taylor, “Early childhood cavities causes pain, premature loss of teeth, infections in a child's head and neck, impaired growth and weight gain, missed school days, speech problems, cavities later in life, and a poorer quality of life.”

How Do We Slenderize the Statistics?

Although these villainous cavities hold a serious threat to America’s youth, organizations such as St. Christopher's Foundation for Children and Public Citizens for Children and Youth (Philadelphia) have created programs and events to help impoverished children receive dental care and reduce the number of affected children. Although these programs are playing a vital role in prevention, more work is to be done. Avalon Biomed supports treatment of ECC by annually donating 20% of profits to children’s dental charities, dental schools and underserved dental communities. Avalon Biomed also works with NuSmile® Crowns, who market NeoMTA® for caries treatment. For more information about donations or to make a request, send an email to   *Photo from Denise Prichard-