Tag: Biocompatibility/ Cytotoxicity

Biocompatibility and bioactivity of calcium silicate based endodontic sealers in human dental pulp cells.

ABSTRACT Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) is a calcium silicate-based material. New sealers have been developed based on calcium silicate as MTA Fillapex and MTA Plus. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate biocompatibility and bioactivity of these two calcium silicate-based sealers in culture of humandental pulp cells (hDPCs). MATERIAL AND METHODS: The cells […]

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X-ray diffraction analysis of MTA-Plus, MTA-Angelus and DiaRoot BioAggregate.

ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to investigate and compare the crystalline structures of recently released MTA Plus (MTAP), MTA Angelus (MTA-A), DiaRoot BioAggregate (BA) by X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Phase analysis was carried out on powder and set forms of tested materials. The powder specimens placed into sample holders […]

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In Vitro Biocompatibility and Oxidative Stress Profiles of Different Hydraulic Calcium Silicate Cements

Abstract Introduction: MTA Plus is a new calcium silicate cement with unknown cytotoxicity characteristics. The objectives of this study were to examine the effect of MTA Plus on the viability, apoptosis/necrosis profile, and oxidative stress levels of rat odontoblast-like cells. Methods: MDPC-23 cells were exposed to gray and white MTA Plus (GMTAP, WMTAP), gray and […]

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