Push-out bond strength of MTA with antiwashout gel or resins


This study’s aim was to make an assessment of the push-out bond strength of four MTA-based formulations for use as root-end filling materials.


MTA Plus mixed with (i) water (‘MTA-W’); (ii) a proprietary water-based antiwashout gel (‘MTA-AW’); (iii) Superbond C&B chemically curing resin (‘MTA-Chem’); and (iv) Heliobond light-curing resin (‘MTA-Light’) was tested. Root slices 3 mm thick human had a 1.5 mm diameter hole drilled centrally and were treated with 17% EDTA for 60s. Forty specimens divided into groups 1-4 were prepared and filled with MTA-W, MTA-AW, MTA-Chem and MTA-Light, respectively. Groups 3 and 4 were etched with 37% phosphoric acid for 60s, and bonding agent was applied to the dentine surface. Specimens were stored for 28 days in Hanks’ Balanced Salt Solution at 37 °C. Push-out strength was tested with a punch and die (punch diameter 1.3 mm, die diameter 2.0 mm, punch speed 1 mm min(-1)). Stereomicroscopy was used to classify failure mode (adhesive, cohesive or mixed type).


The resulting push-out strengths were 5.1 MPa (MTA-W), 4.3 MPa (MTA-AW), 4.7 MPa (MTA-Chem) and 11.0 MPa (MTA-Light). MTA-W had higher push-out strength than MTA-AW (P = 0.022). The same was noted for MTA-Light relative to the other materials (P < 0.05). All materials exhibited adequate push-out strengths compared with MTA-W. Failure was predominantly mixed, except for MTA-Chem (predominantly adhesive).


All materials exhibited adequate push-out strength. Previous studies have shown the new formulations have additional advantages including increased washout resistance and faster setting time, making them promising for future dental applications.

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