NeoSEALERTM Flo is a bioactive bioceramic root canal sealer with superior handling properties, promoting hydroxyapatite formation to trigger the healing process. Unlike conventional sealers, NeoSEALER Flo is biocompatible, antimicrobial1, dimensionally stable and RESIN-FREE.



NeoPUTTY™ is a bioactive bioceramic premixed root and pulp treatment with superior handling properties, promoting hydroxyapatite formation to trigger the healing process. With the highest radiopacity in its class, clinicians can depend on NeoPUTTY to deliver a consistent unit dose putty with no dry out between uses. Its firm, non-tacky consistency, wash-out resistance and bioactivity make it the premier putty for 12 of your most important procedures.

NeoMTA 2

Everything you love about NeoMTA, but better! That's the driving principle behind NeoMTA 2. NeoMTA 2 was developed with clinicians in mind to be easier to mix, whiter, higher radiopacity, and as always a cost-effective, multi-purpose root and pulp treatment material for every procedure.

NeoMTA Plus

NeoMTA Plus is a non-staining, tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic indications in primary and permanent teeth. NeoMTA Plus is a bioceramic cement that triggers the healing process. With NeoMTA Plus, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and endodontists now have a superior and reasonably priced bioceramic. Dentists praise the multi-use NeoMTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly, is easier to dispense and the unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

GreyMTA Plus

Grey MTA Plus is a bioactive tricalcium silicate-based bioceramic dental cement, which is slightly more radiopaque than NeoMTA Plus. The light silvery color of Grey MTA Plus is visible during placement. Grey MTA Plus is indicated for both vital pulp therapy and endodontic procedures. Endodontists and general dentists praise the multi-use Grey MTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly and is easier to dispense. The unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

Light grey color
• More radiopaque than the leading white MTAs
• Visible for precise placement
Better mixing, handling and placement
• Finer powder mixes more easily and smoothly
• Handles like ZOE, IRM or SuperEBA
• Unique gel for stable placement
• Washout resistant when placed
• No special equipment required
BioActive, BioCeramic
• BioCompatible
• Non-cytotoxic
• Non-genotoxic
• Initially high in pH (alkaline/basic), which has shown to be antimicrobial in-vitro.
Smart, convenient packaging
• Protects fine powder in desiccant-lined bottle
• Easy to dispense as little as 0.1gm
• Dropper-tip gel bottle minimizes waste
Bioactive endodontic materials for everyday use: a review
This article highlights the major differences among commercially available bioactive tricalcium silicate bioceramics, commonly known as mineral trioxide aggregate materials, to enable dentists to make appropriate decisions in the selection of these materials.
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Staining Potential of Neo MTA Plus, MTA Plus, and Biodentine Used for Pulpotomy Procedures
The main disadvantage of MTA use is crown discoloration after treatment. The aim of this study was to characterize 3 materials that are used for pulpotomy procedures in immature permanent teeth and assess their color stability in the presence of sodium hypochlorite solution.
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Retreatability of 2 Mineral Trioxide Aggregate-based Root Canal Sealers: A Cone-beam Computed Tomography Analysis
The aim of this study was to evaluate the removal of 2 MTA-based sealers (MTA Fillapex and MTA Plus) using a rotary retreatment system, considering an epoxy resin sealer (AH Plus [Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland]) as the standard for comparison.
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Mineral trioxide aggregate with anti-washout gel – Properties and microstructure
Calcium aluminosilicate cements are fast-setting, acid-resistant, bioactive cements that may be used as root-repair materials. This study examined the osteogenic/dentinogenic potential of an experimental calcium aluminosilicate cement (Quick-Set) by using a murine odontoblast-like cell model.
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