Flossing for the pieces missed.



After the craze surrounding the removal of the recommendation to floss every day in the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture, it is time to step back and see if the right questions are being asked. What are the real aspects of flossing that have made it so crucial to oral health care for so many years?


What questions should be asked?

The revelation of the “inefficiencies” of flossing directly targeted floss’ ability to remove plaque. But what about the important role it plays in the prevention of plaque build up? Using floss to get rid of food that is stuck between the teeth where the toothbrush can’t reach, and preventing the food pieces from hardening and forming plaque is what makes flossing so crucial. According to the ADA, if flossing is not implemented into the daily cleaning routine, the bacteria that lie within plaque will eventually damage the teeth and gums causing cavities and gum disease (gingivitis).

If there is concern as to whether flossing should stay in the regular cleaning routine, the question that should come to mind is, “Would I rather take about 2 minutes every day to floss, or take several hours for painful procedures to treat my damaged gums and/or teeth?”

In a Washington Post interview with Wayne Aldredge, President of the American Academy of Periodontology stated, “[Not flossing is] like building a house and not painting two sides of it. Ultimately those two sides are going to rot away quicker.” He highly recommends the use of floss.


Continue to floss.

Avalon Biomed is committed to improving oral health world wide, and strongly supports the continuation of flossing as part of a daily cleaning routine. In the event a patient experiences pulpal damage from tooth decay and needs treatment, Avalon Biomed offers affordable MTA products, NeoMTA Plus® and Grey MTA Plus ®, which are bioactive to support healing within the tooth.

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NeoMTA Plus is a stainproof, tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic indications in primary and permanent teeth. NeoMTA Plus is a bioceramic cement that triggers the healing process. With NeoMTA Plus, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and endodontists now have a superior and reasonably priced bioceramic. Dentists praise the multi-use NeoMTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly, is easier to dispense and the unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

New, stain-free light color:

Ideal for pediatric dentistry—won’t discolor teeth
Liquids such as sodium hypochlorite won’t cause discoloration

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to base/liner
Pulpotomies to apexification
Sealer to perforation repair
Root-end filling to resorption


Inhibits bacterial growth* *Tested in vitro. Not a disinfectant

Grey MTA Plus is a bioceramic tricalcium silicate-based Dental Cement, which is slightly more radiopaque than (white) MTA. The light silvery color of MTA Plus is visible during placement. Grey MTA Plus is indicated for both Vital Pulp Therapy and Endodontic procedures. General dentists and endodontists praise the multi-use Grey MTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly and is easier to dispense. The unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to Base/Liner
Pulpotomies to Apexification
Sealer to Perforation Repair
Root-end Filling to Resorption

New, light grey color:

More radiopaque than the leading white MTAs
Visible for precise placement
Inhibits bacterial growth in vitro of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Better mixing, handling and placement:

Finer powder mixes more easily and smoothly
Dispense as little as 0.1 gm
Unique gel for stable placement
Washout resistant
No special equipment required

Smart, convenient packaging:

Protects fine powder in desiccant-lined bottle
Easy to dispense powder as needed
Dropper-tip gel bottle minimizes waste