Clinical Advisors

Clinical Advisors

Key Opinion Leaders

Dr. Ahmed Shawky El Sheshtawy

CAREER: Full-time professional endodontist with a principle of providing elite endodontic service to every patient using high edge technology across Cairo, Egypt. With the recent developments in materials and research in the field of endodontics, I am committed to providing continuing education to share my knowledge and experience to general practitioners and endodontic specialists.

SPECIALTY: Regenerative Endodontics

CURRENT POSITION: Associate Professor and Lecturer, Department of Endodontics, Cairo University

Post Graduate Studies
2017, PhD in Endodontics
2012, Master’s Degree in Endodontics

2005, Bachelor of Oral and Dental Surgery (B.D.S) (3rd in his class, with honors), Cairo University

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Dr. Ryan M. Walsh, DDS MS

CAREER: Dr. Walsh is a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics and an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Texas A&M University College of Dentistry. He has written and published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals and serves as a Key Opinion Leader for several companies in the dental industry. Dr. Walsh has lectured both nationally and internationally on bioceramic materials and maintains an active research interest in this field.

CURRENT POSITION: Owner/Endodontist, Advanced Endodontics of Texas

Post Graduate Studies
2016, M.S. Oral Biology
2013, Certificate in Endodontics

2011, Doctorate Dental Surgery (D.D.S), University of Iowa


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NeoMTA Plus is a stainproof, tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic indications in primary and permanent teeth. NeoMTA Plus is a bioceramic cement that triggers the healing process. With NeoMTA Plus, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and endodontists now have a superior and reasonably priced bioceramic. Dentists praise the multi-use NeoMTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly, is easier to dispense and the unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

New, stain-free light color:

Ideal for pediatric dentistry—won’t discolor teeth
Liquids such as sodium hypochlorite won’t cause discoloration

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to base/liner
Pulpotomies to apexification
Sealer to perforation repair
Root-end filling to resorption


Inhibits bacterial growth* *Tested in vitro. Not a disinfectant

Grey MTA Plus is a bioceramic tricalcium silicate-based Dental Cement, which is slightly more radiopaque than (white) MTA. The light silvery color of MTA Plus is visible during placement. Grey MTA Plus is indicated for both Vital Pulp Therapy and Endodontic procedures. General dentists and endodontists praise the multi-use Grey MTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly and is easier to dispense. The unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to Base/Liner
Pulpotomies to Apexification
Sealer to Perforation Repair
Root-end Filling to Resorption

New, light grey color:

More radiopaque than the leading white MTAs
Visible for precise placement
Inhibits bacterial growth in vitro of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Better mixing, handling and placement:

Finer powder mixes more easily and smoothly
Dispense as little as 0.1 gm
Unique gel for stable placement
Washout resistant
No special equipment required

Smart, convenient packaging:

Protects fine powder in desiccant-lined bottle
Easy to dispense powder as needed
Dropper-tip gel bottle minimizes waste