Based in Houston, TX, Avalon Biomed is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced bioceramic dental materials that are unsurpassed in versatility and quality. These products have a variety of uses in vital pulp therapy and endodontics, including: root canal sealing, root-end filling, apexification, obturation, resorption, perforation repair, apexogenesis, pulpotomy and cavity liner/base, direct pulp capping/partial pulpotomy, and indirect pulp capping

Avalon Biomed was originally founded in 2011 by Dr. Carolyn Primus who currently has 10 patents in dentistry including three for MTA-based products. In 2016, Dr. Primus and Avalon Biomed joined the NuSmile family in Houston, TX. Combining Dr. Primus’s focus on developing state-of-the-art bioceramic dental materials with NuSmile’s extraordinary customer care, Avalon Biomed strives to provide the great products and great service to dental clinicians. Avalon Biomed is headquartered in Houston, Texas and its products are sold in over 15 countries around the world.

Avalon Biomed's mission is to improve oral health worldwide by providing state-of-the-art advanced bioactive dental materials to dental professionals.

Mark Binford – President

Mark brings 30-plus years of corporate experience in operations, product management, business development, marketing, and sales working across a variety of industries including medical devices, enterprise software, specialty chemicals and oil & gas. Mark holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He and his wife Susan live in Houston and have three children and nine grandchildren.

Dr. Carolyn Primus – Founder Avalon Biomed

Carolyn Primus, founder of Avalon Biomed, has developed over 100 medical devices in her 30 years in the dental industry. With a PhD in materials science & engineering, Carolyn has eleven patents in dentistry including bioactive dental materials. She founded Avalon Biomed Inc. with the goal of manufacturing affordable bioactive cements to benefit patients around the globe. She partnered and then sold her business to NuSmile Ltd whose goals were aligned with hers. Carolyn is an adjunct associate professor at Dental College of GA and Texas A&M College of Dentistry. She lives with her husband in Florida, is chair of the ADA and  ISO committees on endodontic materials and continues to serve as a consultant to the executive team at NuSmile.

Mike Loessberg Avalon Biomed

Mike Loessberg – Vice President of World-Wide Sales

Mike Loessberg began his journey with Avalon Biomed in 2016 and has worked in the Dental Industry for the last 10 years. Having worked for companies like Dentsply, Carestream Dental and Henry Schein, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to the Avalon Biomed team. In his role, Mike manages the Avalon Biomed Sales and Customer Service team for the United States and Canada. In addition, Mike works hand in hand with the Avalon Biomed Executive team on developing and executing our overall sales and marketing strategies. Originally from Kingsville, TX and a graduate of Texas A&M University at Kingsville, Mike spends his free time traveling and visiting friends and family.

Christian del Pino – Business Development Specialist

Christian earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management – entrepreneurship from the University of Central Florida (UCF). Upon graduation, Christian spent 8 years with the FBI, working as an investigator on a variety cases including healthcare fraud. His most recent experience was in the healthcare compliance field, managing compliance for 25 business entities in addition to providing legal compliance to executives and sales personnel. Christian joined Avalon Biomed in 2020 as the Business Development Specialist, managing sales and professional education across Avalon Biomed’s product portfolio.

Zeina Hannoun – Product Manager

Zeina received her bachelor’s degree in Finance & Management from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She started her career at Ernst & Young in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a Financial Analyst. Her most recent working experience was with Johnson & Johnson in Dubai as a Product Manager for Trauma and prior to that as the Pricing Lead for Orthopedic products.

Christa Ruiz

International Account Specialist

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NeoMTA Plus is a stainproof, tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic indications in primary and permanent teeth. NeoMTA Plus is a bioceramic cement that triggers the healing process. With NeoMTA Plus, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and endodontists now have a superior and reasonably priced bioceramic. Dentists praise the multi-use NeoMTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly, is easier to dispense and the unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

New, stain-free light color:

Ideal for pediatric dentistry—won’t discolor teeth
Liquids such as sodium hypochlorite won’t cause discoloration

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to base/liner
Pulpotomies to apexification
Sealer to perforation repair
Root-end filling to resorption


Inhibits bacterial growth* *Tested in vitro. Not a disinfectant

Grey MTA Plus is a bioceramic tricalcium silicate-based Dental Cement, which is slightly more radiopaque than (white) MTA. The light silvery color of MTA Plus is visible during placement. Grey MTA Plus is indicated for both Vital Pulp Therapy and Endodontic procedures. General dentists and endodontists praise the multi-use Grey MTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly and is easier to dispense. The unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to Base/Liner
Pulpotomies to Apexification
Sealer to Perforation Repair
Root-end Filling to Resorption

New, light grey color:

More radiopaque than the leading white MTAs
Visible for precise placement
Inhibits bacterial growth in vitro of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Better mixing, handling and placement:

Finer powder mixes more easily and smoothly
Dispense as little as 0.1 gm
Unique gel for stable placement
Washout resistant
No special equipment required

Smart, convenient packaging:

Protects fine powder in desiccant-lined bottle
Easy to dispense powder as needed
Dropper-tip gel bottle minimizes waste