Day: December 28, 2018

NeoMTA Plus featured in Dental Asia

The March/April edition of Dental Asia features Avalon Biomed’s NeoMTA Plus as part of its International Dental Show (IDS) 2015 Product Highlights. The 2015 IDS was held in Cologne, Germany from March 10-14, 2015. This is the world’s leading dental industry trade fair and featured exhibitors from 2,201 companies from 56 different countries. Click here […]

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Spatulas now available

Individual stainless steel spatulas are now available in our shop.  These multipurpose spatulas have the ideal stiffness to mix the fine particles of MTA Plus cement with gel.  They are available for purchase at the affordable price of $7.51 per spatula.  Click here for more information.  

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MTA Book Now Available

Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is a dental cement based on tricalcium, silicate powder. A new book from Springer covers various aspects of MTA, including an introduction to the history of the product, its chemical composition and physical properties, its clinical applications, and more. Avalon Biomed’s founder, Carolyn Primus, wrote the chapter titled “Products and Distinctions.” […]

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Avalon Biomed will be at this year’s Annual Session of the Texas Dental Association

If you are planning to attend this year’s Texas Meeting in San Antonio, be sure to stop by and say hello and learn more about MTA Plus and NeoMTA Plus. Avalon Biomed will be at Booth 1025 in the exhibit hall, which will be in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center May 7-8 from 9-6:30. […]

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Avalon Biomed launches sales in Japan

Avalon Biomed is proud to launch product sales in Japan. Representatives from Mokuda Dental, the largest endodontic supplier in Japan, visited us recently. Grey and NeoMTA Plus® products will be available for sale in Japan in June.

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Medical Relief Trip 7/11-7/19

Avalon Biomed is a proud sponsor of LECOM’s Medical Relief Trip this July 11-19 in Chacraseca, Nicaragua.  A team of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals, medical students, pharmacy students, physicians, pharmacists, and general volunteers will travel there this summer to provide much needed medical care.  Currently, there is one physician in this rural farming district comprised of […]

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Mokuda Dental Group Displays NeoMTA Products

Mokuda Dental Group, our distributors in Japan, have debuted products NeoMTA Plus and Grey MTA Plus during a dental show held recently in Fukuoka, Japan. It was a successful introduction and had many attendees interested in learning more about our products.  

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Avalon Biomed to support free dental treatment through participation in DentaCheques

Avalon Biomed is partnering with Dental Lifeline Network in next year’s edition of DentaCheques. Dentists can purchase DentaCheques, which is a coupon book, and receive generous discounts on dental supplies and equipment. All sales proceeds go toward supporting the programs of Dental Lifeline Network, which provides free dental treatment to hundreds of thousands of people […]

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More Case Studies Available

Many dentists and endodontists from around the world have sent in case studies using MTA Plus and NeoMTA Plus. Among them are case studies from the world-renowned endodontist, Dr. Richard Rubinstein. Click here to see Dr. Rubinstein’s case studies. These are also posted in our Resources page along with many more case studies.

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NeoMTA™ Plus® makes Dental Advisor’s 2015 list of Clinical Problem Solvers

NeoMTA™ Plus® has been featured in Dental Advisor’s 2015 list of Clinical Problem Solvers. Unique from a typical list of product recommendations, this list specifically focuses on dental products that solve a particular problem. These products were selected by a panel of experienced dentists who are also members of the Dental Advisor editorial board. Avalon […]

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NeoMTA Plus is a stainproof, tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic indications in primary and permanent teeth. NeoMTA Plus is a bioceramic cement that triggers the healing process. With NeoMTA Plus, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and endodontists now have a superior and reasonably priced bioceramic. Dentists praise the multi-use NeoMTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly, is easier to dispense and the unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

New, stain-free light color:

Ideal for pediatric dentistry—won’t discolor teeth
Liquids such as sodium hypochlorite won’t cause discoloration

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to base/liner
Pulpotomies to apexification
Sealer to perforation repair
Root-end filling to resorption


Inhibits bacterial growth* *Tested in vitro. Not a disinfectant

Grey MTA Plus is a bioceramic tricalcium silicate-based Dental Cement, which is slightly more radiopaque than (white) MTA. The light silvery color of MTA Plus is visible during placement. Grey MTA Plus is indicated for both Vital Pulp Therapy and Endodontic procedures. General dentists and endodontists praise the multi-use Grey MTA Plus because it mixes more smoothly and is easier to dispense. The unique gel enables more stable placement, washout resistance and faster clinical setting.

Multiple indications:

Pulp-capping to Base/Liner
Pulpotomies to Apexification
Sealer to Perforation Repair
Root-end Filling to Resorption

New, light grey color:

More radiopaque than the leading white MTAs
Visible for precise placement
Inhibits bacterial growth in vitro of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Better mixing, handling and placement:

Finer powder mixes more easily and smoothly
Dispense as little as 0.1 gm
Unique gel for stable placement
Washout resistant
No special equipment required

Smart, convenient packaging:

Protects fine powder in desiccant-lined bottle
Easy to dispense powder as needed
Dropper-tip gel bottle minimizes waste